Image Engineering and special effects veteran Doug Adams have teamed up to create a new division under the Image Engineering umbrella that focuses on developing new and innovative special effect designs for the touring and large stage performance markets. The new operation, Image Special Effects, branded as  IMAGESFX, is headquartered in Las Vegas.  IMAGESFX maintains a showroom and operations facility close to the Vegas Strip, while the rest of Image Engineering’s operations remain in Baltimore.

Image Engineering is a leader in special effect designs and large spectacles, primarily in the professional sport, permanent installation, and corporate markets. They entered the touring market in 2011, and have been steadily growing a client base. In 2017, Image Engineering designed special effects for Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boy, and others. Image Engineering manufactures its own brand of laser light show equipment, Light Vector, and specializes in custom, non-traditional ways of using lasers in performances.

Doug Adams is well known among touring professionals as a pioneer to the present special effects industry. Doug founded Pyrotek in the late 1980’s and has gone on to work with hundreds of performing artists and TV productions. As a special effects designer and visionary, Doug has created countless spectacular stage effects using all the available media, including lasers, pyrotechnics, flames and cryogenics. Doug’s creative and out of the box approach has garnered him dozens of awards and critical acclaim throughout the industry.

Together the synergy between Image Engineering’s special effects custom fabrication capabilities and Doug’s vast design / touring experience is changing how tours and large stage performance special effects are designed and executed worldwide.

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