Buffalo Bills Player Introductions

Our effects join the herd as we create 6 custom made buffalo modeled after the Bills logo. They have red LED eyes that can be seen around the stadium in addition to jets shooting CO2 from their nostrils. Instead of the runners that are becoming a standard across the NFL we wanted the gauntlet to be extremely personalized. When the players enter the field they are led by the herd.

One of Buffalo’s biggest ploys is the herd mentality of the players and the fans. All together they can win, no one falls behind. With our buffalo leading the way the players get amped up every time they enter the field.

We’ve gone through many iterations of what we have created for the Buffalo Bills. They are one of our longest most consistent clients. The display pictured above was in place for two seasons when they wanted a video billboard above the entrance-way. The LED screen would display players names and buffalo animations. The piece would then be struck and moved away after the introduction.

We like to work hand-in-hand with the client to keep their presentation new and exciting while constantly keeping ideas flowing. We want to keep the experience fresh for the fans as well as fresh for the brand. Their current set piece is one we designed after employing this method. It is an excellent complement to the buffalo herd on the field.

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