Paul McCartney: Freshen Up Tour

The IMAGE SFX team returned to for Paul McCartney’s 2018 Freshen Up Tour. For this tour IMAGE SFX provided the complete special effects package including lasers, flames, cryogenic effects, confetti and pyrotechnics. 

Freshen Up Tour design was made up of (14) 12w Audience Scanning Lasers, (4) 30w Lasers, (10) 25w Lasers, (12) 50w Vector Beams, (6) Salamander Quad Pros, (8) Five Master Flame Units, (9) Luminous Arena Flames, (11) SFX Mega CO2 Jets, (12) CryoFX CO2 Swing Jets, (10) Big Shot Confetti Cannons, (1) Confetti Blowers and a full pyro package including comets, mines, flame mortars, air bursts and concussions.

The entire effects package was designed by Doug Adams and adds an exclamation point to some of McCartney’s biggest hits.

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